Revitalizing Downtown and our Economic Core

Mayor London Breed welcoming Google employees back to their downtown office.
Mayor London Breed speaking to downtown office employees.
  • To drive people back to the core faster, so that the small businesses, service workers, and others that depended on the activity that tourists and office workers generate can stabilize and begin to recover.
  • To accelerate the recovery of lost jobs from key sectors that have yet to recover — such as hotels and hospitality, retail shopping centers and department stores, and downtown bars and restaurants.
  • To use these initiatives to support San Francisco-based artists, performers, festivals, cultural organizations, entrepreneurs, and small businesses to secure short-term and long-term space in our economic core.
  • To attract more people to the core and fill vacant store fronts so we can continue to improve real and perceived cleanliness and safety on our streets.
Mayor London Breed visits the Ferry Building to see floral installations as part of BloomSF.
  • Funding new festivals: Whether it’s creating a single large event or several medium-sized multi-day festivals, we can create events that draw people on a national and regional scale, and give people new reasons to come back to the City. Look at what happens with large events like Pride, with people visiting from all over, or smaller events like Carnaval or the Cherry Blossom Festival, which show off our city and bring people in. We need more of this.
  • Beautification, public space improvements, and local artist displays or performances: These investments will bring events to plazas, alleyways, and other public spaces on Fridays and weekends, bringing office workers back to the City and drawing people into downtown at times when they might not be coming.
  • Storefronts from Vacant to Vibrant: To address storefront vacancies, we can pair property owners with artists and small businesses who can use the space for short-term activations that enliven the surrounding area and ensure the services and amenities visitors expect are available in our core. By supporting the permitting and compliance requirements and offering programming support, this program allows small local entrepreneurs, artists, and cultural activities to test the market with less risk — a key component to increasing equity.
  • Visitor Attraction Campaign: We will target international, national, and regional visitors to come to San Francisco and remind the world of the culture, creativity, and beauty that make San Francisco a world-class destination.
  • Entrepreneur & Small Business Attraction Campaign: One way to build on the future of downtown will be to proactively reach out to new sectors and businesses that bring new opportunities to our city about the office vacancies that are available in our downtown.
Mayor London Breed helps paint a new mural on a vacant storefront as part of the Paint the Void initiative.



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London Breed

London Breed

45th Mayor of the City and County of San Francisco