Getting San Francisco Vaccinated

Creating a Network of Vaccination Locations

We are creating a network of vaccination locations across the city, including high-volume sites, existing community clinics, new community vaccination access sites, mobile vaccination teams, and partnerships with pharmacies.

High-Volume Vaccination Sites

As part of our plan to get as many people vaccinated as soon as possible, we are creating high-volume vaccination sites that will serve anyone eligible to receive the vaccine regardless of health coverage (currently by appointment only).

Mayor Breed visiting the high-volume vaccination site at City College. The site started with capacity for 500 vaccine doses per day, but will have the capacity to administer more than 3,000 doses once we have the supply.

Meeting People Where they Are

In addition to creating high-volume vaccination sites, we are working to make sure communities most highly-impacted by COVID-19 receive equitable access to the vaccine. These targeted efforts include mobile vaccination teams, community vaccine access sites, San Francisco Department of Public Health’s community clinics, and other safety net clinics in neighborhoods such as Chinatown, the Mission, the Western Addition, and the Bayview. We will also have mobile teams to vaccinate harder-to-reach populations.

Reaching our Most Vulnerable

Since the beginning of this pandemic, we have prioritized equity and bringing resources, whether it’s testing, food, or other services directly to those who are most in need and highly impacted. To make sure vaccine distribution and administration is equitable, we are providing targeted efforts to make sure communities that have been hardest-hit by COVID have access to the vaccine. These vaccines offer individual protections from the virus, but our public health as a City and our ability to control the spread is dependent on all of our communities receiving vaccines.

Mayor Breed visiting the new neighborhood vaccine access site in the Mission District at 24th and Capp Streets
Residents at Laguna Honda Hospital, like Felipe Martinez, are now fully vaccinated

Ready to Go When Supply Increases

We are moving the vaccines we have quickly, but we still have a very limited supply, which will continue to slow our ability to move to the next tier. It’s important to know that the state and federal government control the vaccine allocation process. They made the decision to use the existing health care structure for vaccine distribution, which explains why two-thirds of the vaccine that comes into San Francisco goes to private health care providers. Since vaccines are being allocated directly to health care providers, it’s critical that we as a City work with them to facilitate vaccine administration.

COVID-19 Vaccine: What You Need to Know

Vaccine Eligibility

People eligible for the vaccine now are healthcare workers and those 65 years and older. Due to limited supply, the state has created a prioritization plan for who gets the vaccine and when. In San Francisco, those currently eligible under the state prioritization plan includes over 210,000 people, so this is an incredibly large group for us to work through.

Vaccine Notification — sign-up to receive a text or email when you’re eligible to be vaccinated

In San Francisco, we’ve developed a tool to help people find out when they are eligible. Anyone who works or lives in San Francisco can sign up for a notification when they are eligible for vaccination at

Making an Appointment for Vaccination

We’re excited to announce that people who are eligible to be vaccinated can now sign up for appointments at Appointments are limited due to supply constraints, but they’ll continue to become more available as we receive more doses.

More COVID-19 Vaccine Resources

Anyone who works or lives in San Francisco can sign up for a notification when they are eligible for vaccination at



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