Bringing International Travel Back to San Francisco

Mayor Breed speaking to airline industry officials, tour operators, travel officials, and media members at events in London, Frankfurt, and Paris.

The Benefits of Nonstop Flights from Europe

One of the key things we need to do is establish more nonstop flights from unserved airports and markets. Nonstop flights are essential for how people make decisions for both leisure travel and business travel. Personally, I make my travel decisions based on not having to change planes whenever I can.

Meetings with Lufthansa Airlines and Brussels Airport.

Sharing our Story

While I was in Europe, I also spoke with both local European media and travel-focused journalists who are the trusted voices in their countries on the issue of where to go. Yes, we spoke about all the major attractions we all know and love like the Golden Gate Bridge and the Cable Cars, but reporters wanted to hear what was new and different, like all the work we were doing to create more open space in San Francisco. About places like the Tunnel Tops in the Presidio which will open this summer, and the future of what’s happening on the Waterfront, as well as the new outdoor dining all over our city.

Meeting with the Mayors

I also had the opportunity to meet with the Mayors of both London and Paris. While it was exciting to spend time with both of them and get to know each other better, it was helpful to really understand what they are doing to deal with the shared challenges facing our cities.

Mayor Breed and Mayor Hidalgo overseeing the signing of the updated Paris-San Francisco Sister City Agreement.
Mayor Breed receiving a tour of bike infrastructure with Ariel Weil who serves as the Mayor of Paris Centre (Mayor Hidalgo represents the entirety of Paris, with each area having its own local leader as well).



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London Breed

London Breed

45th Mayor of the City and County of San Francisco